Kicking off Summer in Centennial

Summer in Centennial

Mark Hellerstein, award winning ventriloquist, plays “Simon Says” with the kids at Centennial’s Summer Kickoff Concert at Centennial Center Park on June 3.

Barefoot children ran across the grass as their parents got up from their lawn chairs to dance to local funk music at Centennial Center Park during the Summer Kickoff Concert on June 3.

“This is why we decided to move to Colorado,” Krista Jessee said while gesturing toward her kids dancing to the powerhouse funk band, Supermagick.

After Supermagick’s brass music moved the crowd up from their seats, Raising Cain took the stage, encouraging clapping, dancing and laughter from the crowd. Award-winning ventriloquist Mark Hellerstein spent the evening playing games with kids and walking around in a puppet costume.

“We showed up on accident,” said Mae Carrillo, dancing with her daughter, Winter. “We were just going to play at the park, but now we are really enjoying some family time.”

Photos by Stephanie Mason

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