Quadrant Intersection Opens in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – A new bypass designed to ease traffic congestion at 8th and Cimarron streets opened on Wednesday in Colorado Springs after a week-long delay.

But some drivers said they find the route confusing, and there already has been a crash at one end of the intersection earlier Wednesday.

A pedestrian walkway across Fountain Creek near the route remains closed, making walking more of a challenge.

The block-long route, built by the Colorado Department of Transportation, is called a quadrant intersection and is designed to give drivers another turning option near the busy intersection of 8th and Cimarron and farther east at the interchange project at Cimarron Street and Interstate 25.

According to CDOT, around 60,000 vehicles travel through 8th and Cimarron every day. The agency expects as many as 15,000 to use the new route daily.

The new intersection connects to Cimarron Street just east of 8th Street, and to 8th Street just south of Cimarron Street.

The project includes traffic signals at each end, with the south end designed to help traffic get in and out of the Colorado Place shopping center.

KRDO NewsChannel 13 will report on the first day of the new route and have reaction from drivers and CDOT about how it’s working so far.

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